T Clutch Fleischmann

Do you categorize your work? If so, how?

I can’t decide if I’m an introvert or an extrovert.

Do you find genre constraints limiting? (in general / in concept / in publishing)

The last time I went to a queer party (it was called sexxx.wav) I was dancing and was thinking about how it’s weird that while I don’t necessarily think of myself as queer anymore, when a thing is announced as queer I’m happy to go there, or to put myself inside of it. It’s just an excuse for dancing or meeting people, maybe.

Can you identify hybrid forms?

I just became bored with calling myself a certain thing (any thing), like when I stopped wearing floral Janeane Garofalo style dresses, even though I still liked them.

What is the “post-genre approach?”

A thing becomes boring when it doesn’t do anything. Or maybe it’s not just that it doesn’t do anything but that what it does is so expected, so much already done. So I like a thing when it does something that I didn’t know it was going to do. Like using a hammer to arrange flowers and calling the hammer “scissors.” What do those flowers look like?

How do you see your work fitting into hybrid or post-genre approaches?

At sexxx.wav I decided the only way to feel engaged was to remove my clothes and go into the dance cage with a friend, where everyone saw me but no one could join me, and then the next day to request that none of those particular, topless photos be posted online. Maybe I’m also just jealous. I think “multidisciplinary” sounds like fun.

Hybridity is not new: how do you see your work in terms of its lineage?

The best way to make something do something you didn’t know it was going to do is to get together with a bunch of people who themselves don’t do the right things. To be in a space together, and it can be wherever, it doesn’t really matter. I learned that from older queens, with lilac hair.

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