Proposal: an offering; a possibility; a conjecture; a guess; a hypothesis; a thing-to-be-explored.

Ghost: a shadow on the sleeve of your sweater; a rhythm returning from lifetimes before; the meandering suggestion of a river on an ancient, yellowed map.

At Ghost Proposal, we’re into writing that is aware of its own topography. We like work that engages with thought process. We think of writing as “a letter from a stranger that you can’t bear to throw away. It haunts you; it strengthens you.” (Mary Oliver). We want to publish your strange objects. The whispers sitting in between your shoulder blades.

Translation: We publish poetry, essays, hybrid works of both, works that nestle in between poetry and essays, works that stretch the boundaries of poetry and essays. We publish images and multimedia. We do not publish fiction. We do publish poetry and essays that play with elements of fiction.

Manifesto: We do not label by genre in our issues. We want to engage with the work itself, separate from the discussion of labels. We want to talk about what the work is doing, not what it is.